I'm standing for real freedom. I regard freedom of expression as the primary right without which one can not have a proper functioning democracy.

How Can We be Free? (Henoke Yeshetlla’s Poet, Part I)

August 30, 2013


How can we be free if we are shackled by the despondency of silence, even at the stake of the most dismissive, improbable and fatiguing house hold compliancy.

How can we be free, if we are keenly scrutinized by our self generated fear, if we are dwarfed by our tear, if we are mitigated by our delusional prosperity? How can we be free if we are pushed to the calamites of the cynical power and become the proponent of that power? History is secular and obscure for us, we don’t know that we have an inverted and diminished sense of view to what we clamed we knew, basking in the ambiance of self contradiction and having a contra positive personality is a well known yet calculated decisions for us, an amenable day to day life, a life that we endorse and die to live for…Who we are, what are we…? How can we be free?How Can We be Free (Henoke Yeshetlla

Our forefathers believed in God and lived not in the state of self exultation, nor we inherited this care free personality from them but we exhausted their hope and exulted in our failures. How can we be free, if we still believe in ignorance, in-sensitiveness, negligence and absurdity? How can we be free while being the power house of delinquency, blasphemy, an alien to the glimpse of fertility, phobic to an incessant struggle, and inferior to our own moral values and principles?

How can we be free, if we are silenced when the judge irrationally persecute and prosecute the innocence, the police arresting the teenagers and the elderly , the army kills the religious…how can we be free?

How can we be free, with a fluctuating self representation of ours to a palpitating incident ray of an un- free voices?

We are a feeble to our existence, always marching but to recede, always fighting but to surrender, always, fighting but to die, always grouping but to crack down, always standing but to fall! We have no objective nor values to die for, we have no stamina to the cause we believed is right, we are insufficient of our own sufficiency, we stick to what is called hit and run; we are truly a geek for our own calamity, a virus to our own flesh, and an assurance to our own disgrace! How can one be free?



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