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A Blocker of Internet as a Clean Reformist?

Tedla Asfaw

Dear Ethiomedia Editor,

After the brutal beating of Semayawi Party members and supporters this past Saturday reading about Woyane “Reformist” in your editorial note today is a big insult to many Ethiopians. It seems to me a preemptive action not to condemn Woyane because there are “reformists” like Debretsion, the enemy of free speech known for blocking Internet in Ethiopia.Debretsion Gebremichael is the current minister of communication and information technology

Debretsion and even those who are telling us they opposed Woyane the likes of Seye, Asgede etc still believe that Woyane should be “reformed” with the help of the reformists not be replaced by an elected representative of the Ethiopian people.

Talk of “split” within TPLF and statement the one you made today are used by the regime as distraction from the popular upheaval brewing under. Debretsion and all his buddies are worried about their power and stolen wealth.

I still remember Seye a year ago on BBC after the death of Meles saying that “They need to keep the development made on the last two decades”. Whose development ? Weyane connected within and out posing themselves as “opponents of Woyane” do not want popular change at all.

Debretsion a “clean” man you suggested has benefited from EFFORT so does Seye Abraha. That is why they want to keep this loot for future bargaining.

There are no so called reformists within or out of TPLF. Once you are Woyane you will live and die as Woyane.


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