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Breaking: Developing Story! Large Scale Violent Conflict Reported In South Ethiopia, Deaths Reported

By De Birhan
September 6, 2013
Developing story!
A large scale violent conflict has been reported today in Bench Maji Zone of Southern Ethiopia, around Surma Woreda. The violence is still ongoing. Local and regional police have been deployed into this tourist attraction area.
De Birhan learns that the conflict got out of control after few police and Defense officers were killed. Scores of residents and visitors have fled the area, the source added.
The main cause of the violence has not yet been established. De Birhan‘s attempt to speak to the Zonal Administrators has been so far unsuccessful.
Bench Maji is bordered on the south by the Ilemi Triangle, on the west by South Sudan, on the northwest by the Gambela Region, on the north by Sheka, on the northeast by Keffa, and on the east by Debub Omo. As to the 2007 Census conducted by the CSA, this Zone has a total population of 652,531.
De Birhan appreciates more crowed-sourcing information on this developing issue from readers.


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