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Four members of Air Force join Ginbot 7


September 19, 2013

Four serving members of the Ethiopian Air Force have joined the Ginbot 7 Movement by abandoning the regime.

The pilots confirmed to ESAT that they have deserted the Air Force and decided to join the ‘freedom struggle’ due to the ‘rampant corruption, racism and favoritism within the Force’.

The four defecting captains are Captain Aklilu Mezene, Captain Tilahun Tufa, Captain Getu Worku and Captain Biniam Gizaw. The pilots have been involved in the 2006 fight with the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) in Somalia and also in peace keeping missions in Darfur, Sudan.

Two of the pilots joined the Movement returning from where they were sent to training in China while the other two joined directly heading from the Dire Dawa Air Force base.

ESAT recently reported that Major Mesafint Tigabu, an Intelligence Officer of the Ethiopian Defense, had joined the Ginbot 7 Movement.

Several youth are also joining the Movement at the moment, ESAT learns. Some soldiers of the Ethiopian Defense Force are joining and are applying to join the Movement.


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