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Ethiopian opposition leads protest against government


Members of the main Ethiopian opposition part, Blue party , led protesters in the streets of Addis Ababa , demanding for a change in the political social and economic policies of the government .

The protesters wanted to march on Meskel square which is mainly used for national public gatherings. However, their demonstration was curtailed when they faced a police roadblock. The police blocked the rally saying the iconic square was under construction.

Although the government has stopped the opposition from assembling at the Meskel square , claiming that it is under construction, the same venue has already been approved for a massive religious event slated for four days from now.

Ethiopia is often criticized by human rights watchdogs for clamping down on opposition and the media on national security grounds, a charge the government denies. It says that it respects the right of all demonstrators and has no problem with peaceful rallies.

Thouansa of the Blue Party supporters staged protest rallies in Addis Ababa back in June. The rallies were seen as the first major demonstrations on the streets of Addis Ababa since 2005 when hundreds of protesters were killed in violent confrontation with security forces.

With the opposition vowing to continue protest rallies, there are rising fears that fresh round of violence erupts in the country.


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