I'm standing for real freedom. I regard freedom of expression as the primary right without which one can not have a proper functioning democracy.

የአርባምንጭ ዩኒቨርስቲ ተማሪዎች ከጊቢው በግዴታ ተባረሩ

Arbaminch University Students have been forced to leave the campus after depriving them of food & shelter. According to one students statement, there had been a serious disagreement with the university’s management who was forcing them to take the Holistic Examination immediately. Students argued that if this should take place, then we should have been told earlier so that we have plenty of time to be prepared. And that it is totally unfair and cruel to force them to take it at the 11th hour (at the year of their graduation). After calling this students who according to the management should take the examination, the board decided to stop both the cafeteria & dormitory services. And as of now they have been forced to leave the campus by the use of police force. All of them with no exception to girls & the ill are all scattered in the city churches, hotels,…. And some are already heading back to their homes.
mmmHagere Ethiopia


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