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Ethiopian Intel Admits Has Been Infiltrated By Eritrea : ESAT Reports

The charges under the files Fikru Abebe Haile, Tesfu Abate Abyneh, Mohmamed Umer Mohammed, Tamene Tememte Zewde and Zerfu Melka, members of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, and accused of spying for Eritrea reads that the Ethiopian government has admitted that it has been infiltrated by the Eritrean Intel Network built between Addis Abeba, Borena and Nairobi, Kenya, ESAT has reported tonight. The dossier that ESAT has accessed also states that Getachew Assefa had told Intel members on a February 26, 2012 meeting that they had collected public opinion if they should go to war with Eritrea and the public’s response was against the idea. The details of this meeting were sent to Eritrea.
ESAT also reported that the dossier shows that the Ethiopian government has no interest of going into war with Eritrea but wanted to wipe out Ethiopian rebels that came from Eritrea through the North Western border of Ethiopia, Humera and decided to weaken local opposition parties before the next election, 2015.
Listen to ESAT’s extended reportage here ESAT News Analysis on Eritrea.


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