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[Breaking News} Swedish War Crimes Commission has launched preliminary investigation against Woyane Officials for their crimes in Kilil Somali (Ogaden)!

Ogaden:- Suspected of serious crimes under international law and crimes against humanity

Stockholm 2 November

(Aftonbadet) – Swedish War Crimes Commission has launched a preliminary investigation against President of Ethiopia’s Ogaden region, Abdi Omar Muhamoud and his vice president, Abdullahi Werar. (Link)

The two representatives are suspected to have envolved serious crimes against humanity. The investigation is based on videos smuggled out by a defector from the Ogaden region who is now in Sweden.

The films show also light executions done to journalists, Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson. According to the information, it includes also evidence of crimes against humanity and testimonies of torture and murder.

Stellan Gärde, representative of the defector from the government, is hopeful that the case would proceed to a critical instance.

”It is very likely that they [Ogaden leaders] can fall the trap. What is unique about this material is that it is produced by the government itself”.

On Friday, International Public Prosecution Office in Stockholm will summarize decisions about whether or not the investigation will continue.

By Martin Aagård

This is good news and what we expected from international community about the Woyane crimes and genocides in many parts of Ethiopia as well as in Kilil Somali (Ogaden).

posted by Addisu Wond.

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