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Thousands of Ethiopians dumped at Yemen-Saudi border; Woyanne refused to provide transportation

After the Woyanne junta closed its embassies in Saudi Arabia over a week ago, the Saudi government has started dumping Ethiopians at a Saudi-Yemeni border instead of flying them to Ethiopia. The number of Ethiopians who are stranded at a place called “no man’s land” has reached 10,000 and it is growing every day, according to witnesses. The Saudi government provides air transportation only to those who are able to pay for it, and the Woyanne junta is not willing to provide any type of transportation and humanitarian assistance to the stranded Ethiopians.

Stranded Ethiopians at No Man’s Land
Thousands of Ethiopians are also stranded in Saudi cities without shelters. There is no one they can turn to. Since Red Cross is not allowed to operate in Saudi Arabia, they are not receiving humanitarian assistance from any one.
Posted by Addisu Wond.


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