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Female Ethiopian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia being murdered, raped

ESAT News November 26, 2013

The situation in Riyadh is hopeless say Ethiopians residing in Saudi Arabia that ESAT spoke to. An Ethiopian, who resides in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, said to ESAT that she has witnessed the killing of two Ethiopian women in a place called Mekreyement, Shababiya by Saudi military vehicles. Another Ethiopian lady on her part said that another lady had died hit by an iron while talking to Saudi soldiers. The hand of another Ethiopian lady has been severed. Other Ethiopians have said that there are so many atrocities that are even worse than this.

Over 50 vehicles have been parked for the past 17 days carrying Ethiopians that are waiting to be repatriated voluntarily. The passengers dine and carry out their sanitation around the buses hence polluting the area. Children are being infected by contagious diseases, according to eyewitnesses.

This crisis has also affected documented Ethiopians living in Saudi Arabia. They say they are finding it very difficult to be employed although they have all the necessary legal requirements fulfilled.

Although unverified, the Ethiopian government has claimed that it has repatriated over 20,000 Ethiopians and the number Ethiopians still concentrated in Menfah Camp in Riyadh is overfull.
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