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Are the Ethiopians ready to adopt a GREATER vision like that of Mandela?

By Obang Metho
In South Africa, a minority apartheid system which was controlling the majority and most of the resources, gave way under pressure from the people. A freer, more reconciled and more just society was established. The Jews have restored Israel as a land where they will not be oppressed like they were in foreign lands, only because they were of the wrong ethnicity and religion. Others have broken the cycle of oppression in their countries in order to make life more livable for the people.

We too, Ethiopians can create this kind of environment within Ethiopia if we value all Ethiopians as our own and if we are able to think beyond our ethnicity. However, this hope is conditional, for unless we change our thinking, it is not achievable. The ideology of “my village”, “my tribe”, “my religion”, “my region”, or “my political party” will not work. Instead, we must replace “my” with “our.” Ethiopia must be for everyone, not just one group.

The real problem of Ethiopia is centered on this flawed or narrow minding thinking of “me only” or “my group only”. This destructive ideology opens up the pathway for Ethiopia to be exploited by anyone, including foreigners. When this happens, outside forces can easily exploit the factions to their own advantage. If divided people are not careful, they will be vulnerable to manipulation and exploitation by opportunistic outsiders who may pretend to side with them while taking advantage of them.

If those leading Ethiopia would learn and adopt Mandela vision it could be duplicated for so many of the people already seemed ready and able to carry it out; yet its implementation is held back by the TPLF/EPRDF’s leadership who have carried on a system of ethnic apartheid, dysfunction and abuse. However, it may not last.
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