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Ten arrested after Indian woman, 21, raped by two separate gangs within 24 hours

National Post | News

NEW DELHI — Police arrested 10 people and charged six of them with raping a 21-year-old woman in southern India, an officer said Friday, a year after a fatal gang rape in New Delhi spurred debate on sexual violence in the country.

Officer Monika Bharadwaj said the arrests were made Thursday after the woman complained that she was abducted and raped while visiting a friend in Karaikal, a port city in Pondicherry state.

Bhardwaj said that the woman has been hospitalized but that she did not suffer serious injuries.

Police have also detained a juvenile male for not informing the police about the crime.

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Bhardwaj said the woman was first kidnapped by three of the accused around midnight Tuesday and released after nearly three hours of captivity.

As she called her friend to pick her up after she was freed, another group of seven people came in a…

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