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Ethiopia – Show your support to Teddy Afro’s selection by Coca Cola for the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Please join by liking Teddy Afro’s support page on Facebook stating the below.
We, the undersigned are deeply saddened by Heineken’s decision to drop sponsorship of Ethiopian pop star Teddy Afro amid a very controversial campaigning from some narrow group. We believe that Heineken has made a grave mistake by making a very wrong decision, which may result in severe consequences among the entire nation who love the pop star.
On the Other hand, we are proud that Teddy Afro has been selected by Coca Cola for the 2014 FIFA World Cup to be held in Brazil. We have the privilege of supporting this fine idea by Coca Cola.
Teddy Afro is not only one of the best in Ethiopia, he is also emerging global star, sings for love and inspirations. He has been chosen by a major media as man of the year in 2014.
Ethiopians worldwide condemn the smear campaign against this young star by some narrow minded individuals.
We Support Teddy Afro!
‘Like’ on Facebook to show your support to Teddy Afro…
Posted by Addisu Wond.


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