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Why the FBI kept silent while Jawar advocates a machete revolution?

daneil zeeleke

We wonder why the FBI and lawyers in the USA kept silent while Jawar Mohammed is advocating ethnic cleansing and violence against non-oromos and non-muslim in Ethiopia? In the video below you watch Jawar Mohammed clearly inciting hatred against non-muslims in Ethiopia. He is advocating genocide. He is also organizing hate group or movement that advocates a machete revolution against non-muslims.

Here is his word in the video literally translated from Amharic: “In a place where I live , 99% of the oromo’s are Muslims. If someone tries to speak out against us, we will cut his throats with machete.”

Isn’t advocating violence a crime in the United States of America? Why are Ethiopian lawyers remained silent?

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posted By Daneil Aleyu Zeleke

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