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UDJ Says Expressing an Opinion to any Media is not ‘Terrorism’

The opposition Unity for Democracy and Justice (Party) gave a response to a documentary film on the Ethiopian national television, ETV that accused opposition parties regarding the ‘use and participation’ on the programs of the Diaspora based Ethiopian Satellite Television and Radio (ESAT).

UDJ said the documentary had wrongly presented the right of the Party to use media outlets such as ESAT “to pass our messages to our members and supporters and responding to any query regarding our peaceful activities”.

UDJ said expressing an opinion on any media that the ruling Front does not like or denigrates is not ‘terrorism’. It has disregarded the government’s categorisation as ‘uninformed and lacking legal ground’.

“Although we reminded EPRDF that it cannot give response to the public’s query through a series documentary, it has not been able to stop its acts of damaging, categorising and threatening” UDJ added.

UDJ said without even presenting before the Ethiopian parliament and designating it, labelling a media as a ‘voice of a terrorist organisation’ or ‘terrorist’, shows that political parties and the government overlap in our Country and an organisation can label if it prefers to.
Posted by Addisu Wond.


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