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Leaders of Arena Tigray Party attacked


January 28, 2014

The leaders of the Tigray based opposition Arena Tigray party have been attacked in Adigrat town of Tigray region, Ethiopia last week while on a political agitation mission.

The veteran combatant and former member of the TPLF and currently the leadership member of Arena Tigray, social media activist and lecturer at Meklele University, Abraha Desta, and another leadership member of the Party Amdom Gebreselassie have been attacked by a group of youth led by the town’s district officials and police. As a result of this, the meeting has been called off.

Abraha told ESAT that the attack has been coordinated by government forces. The fact that “Campaigning in the town is not allowed” was said to be the main cause for the attack.

Meanwhile, Blue Party’s Organisation Affairs Head, Engineer Getaneh Balcha, who has been organising the upcoming demonstration in Gonder City, Northern Ethiopia, and Agbaw Setegne, Northern Gonder Zone Chairman of the Party, have been detained by police.

Details of why the individuals have been detained have not yet been established.

Posted by Addisu Wond.


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