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Baltics Next For Putin?

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20130605_John_Wohlstetter By John C. Wohlstetter ~

Tsar Vlad the Bad may have more in mind….

Ukraine’s Ill Wind.  Begin with President Obama’s flaccid remarks re Ukraine, ISO common ground with Vladimir Putin, delivered yesterday, announcing sanctions so weak the WaPo editors ridiculed them–“…we’ll know that the president’s calibrations are adequate when they cause Russia’s markets to plunge rather than rally.”  They led Russia’s deputy PM to call The One “a prankster.”  Factor in ex-Bush 43 UN ambassador John Bolton’s witty, acerbic analogy (0:58) on the weekend, re SecState John Kerry negotiating with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov: “like sending a cupcake to negotiate with a steak knife.”  Or was Putin scared when Kerry said: “We hope President Putin will recognize that none of what we’re saying is meant as a threat, it’s not meant in a personal way.” Putin proceeds, having formally annexed Crimea yesterday; Crimea will on March…

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