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Ethiopia finally admits abducting Andargachew Tsige from Sanaa Airport!

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn finally admitted Andargachew Tsige is in TPLF’ custody, according to ESAT. After days of denials, this admission was made yesterday to the UK’s DFID Minister Justine Greening MP, International Development Secretary.

Meanwhile, ESAT has also secured information about physical abuses against Ato Andargachew, who is said to be locked in unknown location.

Ethiopians have become as angry on Britain as they are on Yemen for abandoning its citizen to be slaughtered in the hands of the brutal TPLF regime.

Meanwhile, TPLF propaganda outlets are dancing with joy about this admission by hailemariam, despite the fact that the Ginbot 7 secretary general’s abduction from Yemen is illegal – a violation of international law.

Interestingly, in one TPLF page Berhane Kahsahy wrote on Tigrai Online:

A statement has been released by the leader of the proscribed organisation stating that retaliatory measures would be instituted against high officials of the Yemeni and Ethiopian governments. Trying to punch above one’s weight is not advisable as it usually ends in disaster. In any case, ‘’Woyane’’ is still in power and the indications are that it is likely to receive a further five years mandate from the electorates in the forth coming general election.
Intoxicated by this story of the abduction, the TPLF left itself naked perhaps in one of the rarest moments to state that “Woyane” is still in power, although it used to say the regime is representative through the four party (fronts) coalition!

Incidentally, be it known that Ethiopians never mistook that for a moment. Actually this has been one of the reasons why Ethiopians have hated and resented the TPLF and its politics of state violence and political dupery!

In the meantime, quoting its unidentified sources, Ethiopian Review claims that Yemen’s President was not informed about Andargachew’s abduction from Yemen airport. The UK citizen was flown to Ethiopia with military aircraft, with collaboration of the Yemen’s sources, accompanied by eight TPLF agents.

For this Yemeni service by the Yemeni security office, according to the blog, Ethiopia has paid one million dollars to Yemeni security officials.


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