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Forget ISIS – White House Declares War On CO2

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Meanwhile, world leaders are yawning at the UN’s dog-and-pony show

Larry-Bell_avatar-80x80By Larry Bell ~

CO2 Image 03The Obama Administration is organizing a UN coalition to launch a bold air war against CO2. Speaking at the East-West Center in Honolulu on August 6, Secretary of State John Kerry explained the urgency, stating that climate change is “the biggest challenge . . . we face right now.” Yup, he warned that global warming ranks “right up there” with “terrorism, epidemics, poverty, [and] the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.”

This will come as a surprise, possibly even a relief to many of us who were more worried about other threats. Like for example a brutal terrorist ISIS caliphate which is rapidly expanding across northern Iraq and Syria, our close ally Israel under siege, Russia rampaging against Ukraine and neighboring countries, Iran’s unabated nuclear weapon development, or China’s explosive military buildup and concomitant muscle-flexing…

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