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Ferguson And The Big Lie

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20090531_Diana_WestBy Diana West ~

“Hands up, don’t shoot.” No doubt Stalin would approve.

When Fox News’ Sean Hannity asked Thomas Sowell for his reaction to the mantra “Hands up, don’t shoot” now being repeated from the protest theater of the streets to the floor of the US Congress by members of the Black Caucus in order to negate the evidence weighed and assessed by the Ferguson grand jury, Sowell replied:20141204_josefstalin

Oh, for political reasons. I thought of Joseph Goebbels’ doctrine, people will believe any lie if it’s repeated often enough and loud enough.

This exactly describes the mechanism of The Big Lie. People speak of it variously as a tactic of “Alinskyism,” an “information war,” “the 1960s”, or, in this case Nazi Germany. They are all correct. But the Big Lie, which marries political mendacity to mass media, is the brain child of Marx. Like the concentration camp…

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