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NASA Finds Message From God on Mars

NASA announced today that its Curiosity Rover has found an unambiguous message from God written on tablets in a Martian cave.

According to an official press release two giant stone slabs the size of small elephants were located deep inside a cavern abutting Aeolis Mons, a large mountain.

Upon one tablet is a copy of the Ten Commandments and the text of John 3:16 written in 12 languages – including English, Spanish, Chinese, Basque and Hebrew. On the other tablet is a simple message in English reading “I am real.”

According to top scientists who have studied the discovery extensively, these findings may have definitively established Christianity as the one true religion.

“This is amazing,” says Syms Covington, an Australian researcher working for NASA’s Mars Exploration Program. “We went into the cave looking for water, and we found proof of God’s existence instead.

“I mean how else did those tablets get there? I can tell you one thing: there’s not a single atheist inside NASA’s control room now. What we saw was jaw-dropping.”

Genesis 1:1

NASA’s Curiosity rover arrived on Mars in August of last year with a mission to explore the Martian climate and geology for signs for habitability.

Thus far the mission has been a success, with the discovery of an ancient seabed and chemicals needed for life suggesting that Mars was once suitable for life.

However the tablets, both of which are signed “Peace and Love – Yahweh,” represent the rover’s most significant find to date, and is perhaps the most important scientific event in history.

“When people find out about this, they will demand change in our society,” explains a political scientist at Georgetown University. “Democracy will have to give way to theocracy. We’re gonna have to build more churches and reintroduce prayer into schools. Abortion is defiantly going to be illegal within a few months.”

Despite its potential significance, Covington fears that the Earth-shattering discovery may not make the impact it should.

“Unfortunately, the mainstream media is so anti-Christian, they might not even pick up this story,” he explains. “But God is real. We have proof. And everyone deserves to hear the truth.”


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966 thoughts on “NASA Finds Message From God on Mars

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  1. fiseha on said:

    I am eagerly waiting him.God bless all

    • Jesus didn't use toilet paper on said:

      Christianity as the one true religion now there is an original thought that should keep us killing each other for another couple of thousand years,

  2. Dorah on said:


  3. FEVEN on said:


  4. What about homosexuality of America while u condomin abortion. Evenif we can not rank evil acts homosexualit is more grave than abortion!

  5. Esther on said:

    eeii, help us to really know you and believe you

  6. michael on said:

    his name be praise forever

  7. Becks on said:


  8. zelalem on said:

    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

    Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world.

  9. Peter on said:

    God of all creations

  10. actually dis rather disproofs gods existence than z other way…. ”nevertheless there is no source mentioned..n am 99 % sure dis is some made up silly story”

  11. andity on said:

    yea ! God is real, we already have his words. HALLELUJAH !

  12. Orthodox on said:

    hard to believe
    why not on BBC and other medias
    if they found for real they will tell

  13. LOVE on said:


  14. Alegnta Felleke on said:

    The source link you used here (“The Daily Current”) is a fake news blog..Just like “fugera news”!.. It is released by the Daily Current. This blog is a satirical news blog that posts fake news just for fun! whoever, who posted this blog’s article should also inform the audience that it is just for fun!!

  15. Ezra on said:

    Fools !!! You guys really think such big news shouls only found in this page???

  16. belay on said:

    jማፈርያ! ይሄንንም ዜና ብላችው ታቀርባላችው? እንደመጣላችው ከመገድገዳችሁ በፊት የምንጫችሁን ምንንነት አጣሩ መጀመርያ

  17. Ballah on said:

    Thank God for that!!

  18. Zamina Zoure on said:

    Charles Darwin must be turning in his grave lol….I hope things change for the better though.

  19. Ewenet on said:

    Where is the sources of this news thanks?

  20. Estif on said:

    Wow..amazing!! Yes christianity is the righteous religion. But which sect? Obviously , it’s orthodox christianity..MAY GOOD BLESS ETHIOPIA AND THE WORLD!!!AMEN!!

    • Enoch on said:

      I see, Christians must be the most religious people on earth today but then they tell you Christianity is not a religion. Should we be looking for scientific proofs that God exists? open your eyes people and ‘see the true light that lights every man that comes into the world- Jesus Christ.’ read Heb.1:1

  21. mandla on said:

    could you guys please send us a picture of those slabs because at the present moment,much as I’m a Christian,I still find it quite difficult to believe what you’re claiming


  23. ghebrehiwet tadese on said:


  24. handle on said:

    You guys believe this???? what a shame!!!

  25. ebiifie on said:

    Thank You Lord for causing the ‘wise’ to become dumb founded. Take all the glory.

  26. chuksammy on said:

    Hmm! What else do we need to believe.

  27. daniellimo on said:

    that is great.

  28. Elon Ingutia on said:

    That was taken there by ancient astronaut ”Aliens” If he is real why then is hb a jealous God??What is he jealous about & yet he claims to be the creator.

  29. on said:

    I am amazed why God did not send the message by the so called Ge’ez language as well. Ge’ez has been believed to be God’s native language since so far ::::)))
    Any ways this justifies that Ge’ez is not God’s language nowadays; rather Chinese is !!!

  30. . The original post was on daily currant, a sarcasm website. RIP Originality

  31. Solomon on said:

    For me it is not a surprise coz i know GOD is real and i am Christian.
    Reveal this truth to the world with credible information so that the whole world believes and saved.
    Great is the creator of the earth, mars and the whole universe, Amen!!

  32. ROSELYNE on said:


  33. ROSELYNE on said:

    i believe in THE MOST HIGH GOD

  34. hermella on said:

    The rover did not find any thing Islam, Hindu, Buddhism? And the ten commandments, is it an improved one or the same that they have here on Earth?

  35. dave on said:

    There mere thought of the proof of God’s existence all around me just overwhelms me. I sometimes tear down knowing that he is the Almighty. I love you God!

  36. tesfay on said:


  37. dennis wachira on said:

    u want me 2 beliv shit?. why the hell was it nt found on earth?. . since wen did scientists believ in GOD. Fuck u lier..

  38. Dave on said:

    God does not have to prove anything again, life all around us, mountain, seas etc is enough for me!

  39. Gemechu Tadesse on said:

    I am not against the idea of God or Its existence except lies people created ever since ancient people start to believe up on His existence. I am following up ever progress of nasa’s mission discover starting last year. I have never get a single info like on this post. More over the post is just simply says what it says with out explicit source. so Lie is lie and for more information about the mission is online at: and .
    You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter at: and

  40. on said:


  41. Michael mbugua on said:

    I love this! God is indeed real. This is just one of the many instances that show how far God can go to save mankind from wickedness, though He is the creator, all powerful and self- suffient. Glory be to Him forever in Jesus Name.

  42. Antony Gatere on said:

    God is great…..Amen

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  44. Akwasi on said:

    Its truly an amazing discovery. Indeed, GOD is awesome and alive. Amen !

  45. Rhoda on said:

    Tank God 4 showin us more love

  46. Freewill on said:

    All that is needed to proof God’s existence is complete and here on earth. I don’t need anyone trying to cook up a story that ‘ll create doubt about the realities that exist here.

  47. Awaiting the doubters who would definitely dispute and read Christian conspiracy in this awesome confirmation of who God is, the I AM.

  48. So where are the pictures? Isn’t there a video? If anything at all, this article has made me more skeptical…

  49. Ruth Osemedua Udochi on said:

    whao loving this

  50. james ifeanyichukwu on said:

    Baba God is forever real , Christ Jesus is forever the King oh!

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